About Me

I have 20 years experience crafting fine art jewelry, and am self-taught. I have a passion for process, working in recycled silver, gold, and bronze, along with a variety of gemstones.

My heritage which is Celtic is my main inspiration.

My designs are original, I do my own pattern work, mold making, casting, chain, and lapidary.

I strive to produce 100% handmade wearable jewelry. The process itself is a vessel for ideas rudimentary, dreamed, and fully conceived. Recurring design themes are nature and animals, which are my passion.


I am an avid hiker (anyone for a hike?) enjoy watching wildlife, identifying flowers, birds and sometimes I  just relax and watch the trees grow.

My studio is located at 7800 feet altitude, surrounded by a wildlife easement.


Home gallery is:
Highland Music and Minstrels Gifts
157 W. Elkhorn Ave.
Estes Park, Colorado